The College of New Jersey

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Minor Requirements

Required Courses

Five courses are required in total. Our three core courses (all required) are:

CWR 206 (Introduction to Creative Writing)

CWR 304 (Poetry Workshop)

CWR 306 (Fiction Workshop)

Choose two of these three additional courses:

CWR 301: Writing Communities

CWR 370: Special Topics in Creative Writing

CWR 406: Writers Workshop (Thesis Workshop)*

*CWR 406, our capstone course, requires that you’ve already taken CWR 206, 304, and 306. It’s only offered in years when there are enough advanced CWR minors able to take it.

CWR 206 is a prerequisite to all other courses in the minor.

In addition to these courses, we strongly recommend that CWR minor students take LIT 388: Contemporary Literature.