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Self-Designed Majors

In Creative Writing or Related Fields

The Self-Designed Major is an honors-level program and is intended for “highly motivated and independent” students. You don’t need to be an English major—or any other major—to do a self-designed major; it can stand alone.  An especially driven student writer can build upon the six courses of the Creative Writing Minor with at least six other appropriate courses drawn from virtually any academic field represented at the College: literature, journalism, art, film studies, gender studies, language-study, communications, history, political science, anthropology, psychology, biology, etc…. A student interested in historical fiction, for example, might combine courses in writing and history. Another student might explore multimedia art by combining a study of creative writing and photography. This program allows a focused writer to create a meaningful, self-tailored course of study.

Similarly, students interested in working in the publishing industry or in a related field, can design a major tailored to their needs and interests. For example, a Publishing and Editing Self-Designed major could combine Creative Writing, Literature, Journalism, and other courses into a program focused specifically on the skills and experiences desirable in that field.

For more information on the Self-Designed major please see the TCNJ Bulletin on Self-Designed majors and contact the Director of the Creative Writing Program, Catie Rosemrugy at